The source material is presented in two databases: Articles, Books and Theses and Periodical Reviews. The search engine (for databases marked "Updated 2023") allows you to find detailed information, such as: text title, author's name, periodical title, date of publication, subject of the text, names of composers and names of performers to whom the text relates. The results obtained in the previous task (2016-2017) will be presented in the old form (on the left side) until the descriptions are transferred to the databases. It allows users to organize the material according to their search needs – clicking the arrow in the lower right corner of the column header arranges the material according to the alphabetical arrangement of data in that column. This function is available when the edit mode is on.

Both databases contain descriptions of materials found in the following periodicals: Audio Video Hi-Fi 1984-1990, 2018-2019, BBC Music 1995-2023, Canor 1992-2004, Classic CD 1994-2000, Dysonanse 1999, Fonorama 1990-1996, Fragile 2008-2016, Glissando 2004-2019, Gramophone 1923-2023, Jazz 1957-1991, Jazz Forum 2013-2021, Klasyka 1998, Kontrasty 1972-1988, Kultura Współczesna 2022, Machina 1996-2001, 2008-2009, 2015-2019, Muzyka 1929-2020, Muzyka 21 2000, Presto 2012-2019, Poradnik Muzyczny 1947-2006, Rock’n’Roll 1990-1991, Ruch Muzyczny 1946-2023, Rzeczpospolita 2017-2023, SAT, Audio, Video 1991-1996, Sound and Vision 2001-2003, Studio 1992-1995, Śpiew w Szkole 1961-1966, Wychowanie Muzyczne 1975-2023, Wychowanie Muzyczne w Szkole 1967-2010, Życie Muzyczne 1976-2009, Życie Śpiewacze 1951-1969; and others, including many prewar periodicals such as: ABC, Antena, As, Biesiada Literacka, Czas, Dziennik Poznański, Dźwięk, Gazeta Polska, Gazeta Robotnicza, Kino, Kurjer Codzienny, Kurjer Poznański, Kurjer Warszawski, Muzyka Polska, Nasz Przegląd, Radjo, Robotnik, Świat, and Wiadomości Literackie. The first database presents a significant portion of books, other printed materials and unpublished theses in Polish on phonographic recording which have been published so far.

Both databases will be updated and supplemented.

The databases (content and layout) are the property of the Polish Librarians’ Association. Copying is permitted for personal use only. Use of the databases in publications may only be made with the written consent of the Polish Librarians’ Association.